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Invoicing + Payments

Get paid quickly with easy photography invoicing

Create & Send Online Invoices Quickly. Get Paid Online. Grow Your Profit Margin.

Photography Invoicing Features

Running a photography business is not for the faint of heart. If you master the art of photography combined with customer service, and cash flow management, you can earn a respectable income. As photographers, you want to bill for your services and get paid in a timely fashion. You also want to spend more time shooting great photography and less time on your bookkeeping.

With studio management software like PicSpotr, there are no more Microsoft Word photography invoice templates. There are no more spreadsheets to manage and no need to send paper copies by snail mail. Our platform is designed to help you achieve better customer satisfaction so that you can get more referrals and repeat business.

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    Quickly Create Invoices

    With our studio management platform, you can easily invoice your clients with our photography invoicing feature. Your detailed invoice can include custom items or pre-selected photography packages. Our simple invoicing allows you to charge for the time you spend and the services you offer. If you're a part-time freelance photographer or a specialized wedding photography studio, our software is perfect for your photography business.

    We know that photographers charge differently for various services. With our platform, you can import your products, packages, and bill for your services by the hour or flat rates. You can also bill for time plus cost (upset limit) and modify your invoices on demand. Setup is easy and so there is no need to download free invoice templates or excel spreadsheets.

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    Send Invoice with a Click

    PicSpotr photography management tool gets the invoice delivered to your client via email hassle-free. Each message is sent with a secure link for your customer to submit their payment online. You can also create your own e-mail templates then choose the message and tone you'd like your client to receive.

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    Get Paid Online and On-The-Go

    Our platform is designed for the photography industry and you should have an easy way to receive payments from your clients. With our invoicing software, clients can pay their deposits, retainers, and balances online. Your clients can make partial payments or they can pay for the total cost of your services with a single payment. You can choose from our growing list of credit card payment processors (Square, PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net).

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  • Friendly Payment Reminders

    PicSpotr automates payment reminders to your clients. We send e-mails to your client one day before an invoice is due and one day after. Our platform also tracks when your client has viewed the invoice. We will even send you an email the first time they clicked on the invoice link.

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  • Track Photography Expenses

    Understanding your cash flow and tracking how much you are spending is a large part of guaranteeing success as a photographer. Record expenses like the coffee you purchased at a client consultation. You can also track the Canon, Sony or Nikon camera or lens purchase (investment) that you got excited about. Our expense tracking feature lets you add single expenses, set up recurring ones, categorize them and upload your receipts.

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  • Customized Portal for your Clients

    Do not shoot great photography and then forget about your customer experience. With PicSpotr, each of your clients will have access to a branded and customized customer portal. Clients can view their shoot schedule, contracts, invoices and payments even after you've completed the project.

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